Photogrammetric 3D models

Excellent 3D models from photogrammetric scanning.

3D scanning monuments

Virtual 3D models of cultural and historical exhibits with highly detailed texture.

3D Collections

Unique representation of artistic and natural collections in 3D.

3D product models

Innovative promotion of your products.

Aerial photogrammetry

3D processing of aerial photographs, including images from drones.

Virtual Reality

Implementation of 3D models into virtual or augmented reality.

3D printing prototypes

We produce high quality and inexpensive prototypes for large and small businesses!

Innovations in your company

If you want to introduce a new product and you need to tweak the appearance, shape and dimensions, you no longer have to use expensive machinery - test prototypes from 3D printers. Based on your 3D model you can quickly, cheaply and efficiently produce a prototype in size 250x200x220 mm. In many cases it is possible to use 3D printing for small batch production.


We produce plastic prototypes in size 250x200x220 mm. If larger dimensions are required, model can be divided into multiple parts and then joined by gluing. The precision of the 3d printed model is defined by layer hight, which varies between 0.1 to 0.25 mm.


Single one-piece orders of standard materials (plastic) are processed within 3 working days, , in case of 3D printing of others materials (resins, metals, full-color printing) within 3-4 weeks. Deadlines for processing of larger scale series are based on the size of the contract.

Your own 3D figures

Let's make a "3D selfie" - a piece of your body!

We can scan you

In our shop in Šumperk, we can scan you into 3D. In the case of larger orders (for instance groups of people such as working and recreational teams, social events, etc.) we will come to you.

We will process your virtual model

We create your virtual body in 3D; with your permission, the model will be placed in our gallery of scanned people.

We produce your 3D figurines

We print your model on the 3D printer. You can choose the cheapest option monochromatic pieces of plastic or a piece of full-color composite, respectively other materials such as bronze, brass, steel, silver, gold, etc.

Figurines delivered to your door.

You can pick up the completed and printed model personally in our store or we will send it to the place of your choice.


Samples of some of our projects and 3D models.

Stone pine - the cone

An example of a detailed scan of the stone pine cone.


Scanned participants of the folklore festival.

3D Collections

3D models of cultural and historical objects.

Petr a Katka

Demonstration models of scanned persons.


Web portal for virtual tours.

Loštice cup

Detailed scan of the archaeological find.


Detailed 3D model of the Statue G. Frištenského in Litovel.

School-leaving students

Scanning and production figures of the senior year.


Demonstration models of scanned children.

See our gallery of scanned people

Enter the gallery


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